Google Places

Creative Concept and Strategy

Originally dubbed Hotpot, Google was introducing "a recommendation engine [designed] to help people discover great new places," and they wanted Portland to be a test city. OMFGCO came in to help with the marketing and positioning effort to get it on the radar of Portlanders.

We had the idea to use Google dollars to throw a series of free concerts in unusual places around Portland: Oaks Park skating rink, the Portland Spirit boat, and an old, beautiful defunct church. In order to get tickets, you had to follow cues to ultimately sign up for a free Hotpot account, and voila—you were in. We had custom Scout Books made featuring the bands and their hotpot picks.

We also made a letter pressed poster made up of as many notable Portland spots as we could fit in, and it was to be given away at events around town (but sadly, Hotpot was folded into Google Places before its release).

Keegan Meegan