H-D 21

Virtual Launch: Film, Microsite, Campaign Direction

January 2021 was a watershed moment for a near 120-year old brand, launching new model year product online and virtually for the first time. Prior to this, the dealer network and endemic media was relied on exclusively to launch and inform the public of new product, leading to a disjointed and uneven rollout. A silver lining of the pandemic was forcing legacy brands to embrace digital product releases.

Partnering with expert teams at MediaMonks, we embarked on a road less traveled for both enthusiasts and dealers. Housed in a custom microsite, the experience included interactive elements for new bike exploration, access to product specialists via live Q&As, and shoppable content to encourage riders to expand the adventure.

We created a series of hero and feature vignette films that guided the web event as users went on a real-world virtual journey, making pit stops for product details, merch and interactive 3D renders of each bike. Users got to customize a bike's look, digging into what makes each model unique. With an integrated approach localized for 11 countries around the world, we received over 2 billion media impressions and garnered 97% positive media sentiment.

ECD: Alex Danklof
CD: Travis Swingler
AD/CW: Baroosh Qasim, Brittany Kopeikin
Web Design: Spencer Fink, Mimi Benito
DP: Domenic Barbero

Director: David Darg

EP: Jake Schmidt
Editor: Andy Jensen
Photography: Josh Kurpius, Mike Emery, Garth Milan
AD: Diana Chu
Designers: Norah Perry, Chris McMorrow, Ryan Severance

Paid media promoting the event, pushing email signup.
Hero film, featuring father/son riders Lance Coury Sr & Jr.
Hero film, featuring influencer/rider Adey Bennet.
Hero film, featuring Babes Ride Out founder Ashmore Ellis.
Hero film, featuring Aether founder Davide Berruto.
Feature highlight: styling dept on color theory and application.
Feature highlight: riding gear and apparel.