The Enthusiast

Editorial Resurrection and Redesign

When it comes to connecting the dots between the people and moments in over a century of Harley-Davidson history, there's likely no richer resource than the pages of The Enthusiast magazine. An immensely popular magazine launched by the brand in 1916, it became one of the longest-running motorcycle publications in history. It was thee place for riders to share stories and the brand to document and debut the growth and acceleration of new products alongside the timeless pursuit of adventure. In 2008, for better or worse, the publication became "HOG Magazine" and dropped the 92-year old nameplate.

When I joined the brand one of the first things I pushed for was a return to the original name, and luckily the momentum was rolling towards just such a thing. To modernize and freshen up the title script, I called on my talented friend Erik Marinovich to digest the century of archival material and create custom lettering to anchor the cover. The magazine is now, once again, a playground for story-telling and visual design experimentation.

Editor-in-Chief: Frank Gallo
Art Director: Diana Chu
Designers: Norah Perry, Ryan Severance, Chris McMorrow
Copy: Gil Beto Arevalo

Published by Archant Dialogue

Editor: Andy Jensen

Title Lettering: Erik Marinovich

Left cover photo: Squint. Right cover photo: Drew Martin.

Custom lettering by Erik Marinovich, a modern reinterpretation of the classic script.

Archival inspiration and reference points

The masthead and design sensibility has changed many times throughout a century of publication.

Illustration by Willie G. Davidson