2021 Pan America

Virtual Launch: Film, Microsite, Campaign Direction

2021 was a groundbreaking year for H-D in so many ways. It was the first full year through the pandemic with a new CEO, and the launch of a conquest product in a competitive category the industry could hardly believe this brand would expand into: Adventure Touring.

Pan America has broken lots of rules and norms around what a Harley-Davidson really is. We aimed to show that this brand, in nearly 120 years of the pursuit of adventure, has always been off-road. At the core of the launch is a 25 minute documentary, outlining the history of how H-D has always been in this space and the task at hand for the internal design and engineering teams to create a truly stunning and unique product. An accompanying microsite housed the launch film and detailed the parts and accessories and riding gear that launched alongside the bike.

We had over 360K viewers for the Pan America virtual launch, followed by global media acclaim. By Q3 of 2021, Pan America was the top-selling ADV bike in North America.

ECD: Alex Danklof
CD: Travis Swingler
AD/CW: Baroosh Qasim, Brittany Kopeikin
Web Design: Spencer Fink, Mimi Benito

Director: David Darg

Drone & Camera Car
Specialty Field

Production: Jake Schmidt, Andrew Lomenzo
Editor: Andy Jensen
Photography: Josh Kurpius, Mike Emery, Garth Milan
AD: Diana Chu
Designers: Norah Perry, Chris McMorrow, Ryan Severance

Jason Momoa was our celebrity spokesman up front of the launch of Pan America, and created a few short films to push the launch beyond just fans of H-D.
Following the launch, we created a supplemental film talking to the folks who actually build these machines and take a peek inside the factories.

Select print ads.

Dealer POP assets.

Limited edition apparel designs, coinciding with bike launch.

Social media art direction.

Paid media, art direction and copy.

Digital launch microsite design, with MediaMonks.

Microsite interaction detail.