Pan America: Gonzo Journals

Branded Content Series w/ Conde Nast

6 Rides, 6 Countries, 12 Explorers. One-of-a-kind Gonzo assignments to find truths and thrills aboard the Pan America.

Partnering with Conde Nast, we concepted a branded content series of short films and international print media in Vogue, GQ and Wired. Seeking not to sensationalize the medium of Gonzo journalism, we sought inspiration in the ways Harley-Davidson has rebuilt adventure touring with Pan America, celebrating the heritage of these cultural forces while riding with the audience toward their contemporary iteration.

The writer/riders were helmed by Editor-at-Large Corey Seymour, who penned Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson, and paired with illustrations and hand-lettering from none other than Ralph Steadman himself, stomping terra across Germany, France, UK, Japan, Australia and, of course, Las Vegas.

BRAVÒ Production Company
Ivan Olita Executive Producer / Director
Myrna Perez Global Production Coordinator
Kyle Mangione-Smith Post Production Supervisor
Chiao Chen Editor
Mengle Han Assistant editor
Julia Rossetti Colorist
Debora Masciavé Photo Retoucher
Gianluca Andreucci Original Score
Lizzy Harris Executive Producer
Erin Kennedy Producer
Katie Rappaport Creative Director
Hunter Siegel Creative Strategy Director
Mark Rolli Design Director
Melissa Ito Senior Designer
Liana Weston Senior Talent Director
Lauren McGrath Shaftel Talent Director
Michele Wiltshire VP, Business Development
Melissa Trought Director, CNX Production & Activation